Recognizing Jazz!



27/02 Live in Soweto

01/03 Season 6 Starts

30/04 International Jazz Day

01/05 Mzantsi Night in NYC

27/06 Announcement of Finalists

27/08 MJA 6

15/12 Mzantsi Honors

2022 Dates

While our main event is the Mzantsi Jazz Awards taking place every year in August, we celebrate Jazz throughout the year with every excuse we get.

Here are the dates you should mark in your calendar!

Feb 27

Live in Soweto

Jan 03

Season Six starts

Apr 30

International Jazz Day

May 01

Mzantsi Jazz Night at the JALC,NY

Jun 06

Announcing Nominees

Aug 27

6th Annual Mzantsi Jazz Awards 

Dec 15

Mzantsi Honors


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